302 North Main Street
P.O. Box 435
Franklin, Va.  23851
(757) 562-1010
Beldar Associates Help Settings

SLIP/PPP Setup for

Access Telephone Numbers (Capron must use 757))  

Franklin Calling Area (incl. Courtland) 569-7620

Capron Area Call

(Courtland users, please use the Franklin 569 number, Thanks !)

Domain Name Servers: Primary Server Assigned (IP)

Domain Name Servers: Secondary Server Assigned (IP)

Login Name: logname (lowercase)

Password: (lowercase)

POP/SMTP Site: (mail server/host) mail.beldar.com

NNTP/NEWS: (news server/host) news.beldar.com

WWW: http://www.beldar.com/

Domain Name: beldar.com

Email Address: logname@beldar.com


E-mail Addresses to Remember

Billing Questions/Accounting: mybill@beldar.com

Technical Support: helpme@beldar.com

Other questions: beldar@beldar.com

Main Line: 757-562-1010

FAX Line: 757-562-0562

We thank you again for your business.


Neil McNeely

Beldar Associates